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The Phoenician International Research Center Inc. (PIRC) is a 501(c)(3) US-registered nonprofit, meaning it is a tax-exempt, charitable organization; it aims to promote science, education and peace through a study of the ancient world, and more particularly the Canaanite Phoenicians and Punic people's contribution to today's civilization. We are a group of international scholars, researchers and professionals who work to uncover, promote the study of, and disseminate information on our ancestors to the modern world, and to help fund archaeologists, scientists and researchers on the subject through tax deductible donations. The work of PIRC is published and branded by the trademark of the center.

Transatlantic Crossing

Phoenician International Research Center is excited to announce its partnership with transatlantic expedition Phoenicians Before Columbus.
After building the replica Phoenician ship “Phoenicia” and circumnavigating Africa from 2008 to 2010, a new expedition is being planned. This time to sail Phoenicia from the Mediterranean to the Americas to illustrate that the Phoenicians (as the greatest ancient seafarers) had the capabilities and skills to cross the Atlantic two thousand years before Columbus. Crossing the Atlantic is an ambitious challenge as the Atlantic winds and storms are powerful and unforgiving for any sailor. However, it is a quest that demands to be attempted in order to answer one of history’s most important questions: who were the first sailors to discover the Americas? Learn more about this spectacular expedition from our partners at Expedition Phoenicians Before Columbus, by checking the website and facebook page.

PIRC Management

Dr. Habib Chamoun-Nicolas

Honorary President

Rémi Kahwaji


Dr. Rabih Nemr

Chief Executive Officer

Eng. George Faddoul

Representative of PIRC in Lebanon

Dr. Guita Hourani

Innovative Research

Dr. Nick Kahwaji

Public relations

Academic Committee

The center has signed a cooperative agreement with Notre Dame University at Louaize (NDU), Lebanon, for the establishment of a locally independent chapter of the center for Lebanon and the Middle East headed by Dr. Clovis Karam as its Dean of Research. Further, the center is in touch with scholars in Italy to promote collaboration with Italian, Tunisian and Spanish centers and scholars that work in this field.

Dr. Habib Chamoun Nicolas

Houston, TX, USA

Dr. Clovis Karam

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Academic Website

Dr. Guita Hourani

Louaize, Lebanon

Dr. Georges Haddy


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